• Manage your patients and health community seamlessly with Agnosys Communities

Communities is here to make out-of-hospital care easy

The value
we offer you

Agnosys communities allow medical experts and users to connect remotely and receive quality health advisory, non-clinical healthcare and answers to enquiries.

Increase efficiency

Our AI supports you in organizing user enquiries ensuring you focus on caring for as many people as possible.

24 hours access to your provider

Our public communities allows you to have access to your preferred provider all-round the clock at your convenience.

Limit Hospital Wait time

With your non-clinical needs attended to on communities, hospital queues can now be faster.

Join our waitlist!

We are launching communities soon! Beta test will begin in November. Be a part of our early adopters. 

Our pilot community is with Noisy Naija Paediatrician!

Noisy Mums with Agnosys will help you navigate all the highs and lows of early motherhood with smile. Dr. Renner, the Noisy Naija Paediatrician, is your compere and physician in charge.